November 28, 2016

5 Things You Must Do If You Have A Female Stalker


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Most people scoff at the notion of a female stalker. “Oh, you poor guy! Some woman wants to have sex with you!” they will say with sarcasm. But let me tell you, these nut jobs make you feel very unsafe. Your guard will constantly be up, because whilst it is easy for a man to physically defend himself against a woman, this is only true if he sees her coming. At best they are merely an annoyance, but no matter what they absolutely will not take no for an answer.
You should take this warning seriously. It is well documented that a very high percentage of western women have a mental illness, and that number grows every year. Therefore, we can reasonably conclude that the number of female stalkers will also continue to rise, as will the likelihood you may encounter one in the future.
To help other men who are being harassed by female stalkers, I have compiled some tips:
1. Know your enemy
You need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of female stalkers so you have an idea of what you might be up against. According to this study:

Female stalkers were predominantly single, heterosexual, educated individuals in their mid-30s who had pursued their victims for more than a year. Major mental disorder and personality disorder were suggested, especially borderline personality disorder. They usually threatened violence, and if they did threaten, were more likely to be violent. Frequency of interpersonal violence was 25 percent, but there was limited use of weapons, and injuries were minor. Stalking victims were most likely to be slightly older male acquaintances; but if the victim was a prior sexual intimate of the female stalker, her risk of being violent toward him exceeded 50 percent. Unlike male stalkers who often pursue their victims to restore intimacy, these female stalkers often pursued their victims to establish intimacy. Common emotions and motivations included anger, obsessional thoughts, rage at abandonment, loneliness, dependency, jealousy, and perceived betrayal.

It is definitely true that female stalkers tend to be intelligent and well-educated (which helps them successfully get their creep on).
2. Be persistent
Cases involving female stalkers are unlikely to be resolved quickly. Your patience, resilience, and sanity are going to be tested.
Whatever happens, don’t be discouraged. You need to persist, because there is a high probability your female stalker will not just go away. Cast as many nets as possible, and follow up with all of them regularly. Leave no stone unturned.
You will need to contact the police, mental health authorities, security at your workplace, your building manager (if you live in an apartment or unit complex) and if possible, the stalker’s relevant professional body.
3. Keep your cool
We are constantly told by feminists that women are equal to men and free to do whatever they want in their lives. This sounds reasonable, but unfortunately in the Western world only men are regularly held accountable for their actions. Male stalkers are far more likely to be prosecuted than female stalkers, even though there are comparable rates of violence and psychopathy with male and female stalkers.
It is incredibly frustrating to have your legitimate complaints not taken seriously by the authorities. You will receive little sympathy, and you will be crucified if you try and handle the situation by yourself. You can’t yell at your stalker in public, and definitely don’t touch her at all, because you risk being charged with an offense.
If that happens, anything that occurred up to that point will likely be deemed irrelevant, simply because you have a penis and she has a vagina. The police even admitted that if they didn’t know details about an altercation, from the beginning of an investigation they would instinctively side with the woman.
4. Document everything
You should compile all her letters and texts, and record any strange behavior she exhibits. The more evidence you have, the better.
You should document all her weird behavior by writing it down, dating it, and wherever possible, providing details of any witnesses. Without any evidence, the police and other authorities will completely dismiss you. If you have evidence, they will at least listen to your story – well, hopefully!
Even if you are fobbed off, keep compiling records!
If she is really crazy, she will slip up eventually and other women will complain. Sadly, this is your best shot for some sort of resolution. Understand that whilst the notion of a damsel in distress is timeless, nobody gives a shit if you are being hassled, and especially by a woman. However, if you have a woman on your side things can change, and fast. Suddenly, your evidence will no longer be ignored.
5. Avoid engaging with them
You may need to write a firm note telling her to leave you alone or you will go to the police.
But apart from that, do not even look at them, let alone speak to them.
Finally, good luck. You are going to need it!

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