March 1, 2016

A Good President: Policies Or Values?


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I think people are missing the boat when debating about the presidential seat.
Many puke out policy, experience and other meaningless jargon when in all actuality, what matters is values.
Does your candidates values reflect your values? Regardless of foriegn policy or political experience, what will make the candidate successful is their values. They either have moral values or they dont.
The voting public thought that Barack Hussein had good values. We now know differently. It’s funny how we have short memories. Romney was the businessman who had the answers but we didnt think so. Now that we went another 4 with questionable values, maybe we should let a businessman with a proven successful track record do it.
Bill Cliton lied under oath and to the American public. Not good values if you ask me.  And yet nothing happens and we vote him in again. Hillary should be in prison yet shes allowed to run for president. So wrong and unjust. Her actions reflects her values (or lack thereof).
So, when you vote, think about your values and how they compare to your candidates. Not lying politicians telling you what you want to hear. Not what you think your friends or co-workers will think is cool.
Think about it.


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