Johnny Manson is a radio/TV host in Grays Harbor.
He moved to Grays Harbor from the Seattle area in the late 80’s as the first turntablist in the area. Early on, he taught many ambitious locals how to freestyle, write rap music & to DJ.
His years as a trained musician has landed him in many local bands playing everything from percussion (drums) to trumpet to turntables and many other instruments.
From promoting the first rap shows in the area to his downtown Aberdeen Walk Of Fame proposal, Johnny Manson has affected more in the area than people even know.
Branding: Johnny Manson is a branding machine. When people need help, they contact him. Here are just a few :
  • Downtown Aberdeen Walk Of Fame (A.R.M. contacted Johnny for some help. He proposed the walk of fame. Now you can see stars all throughout downtown Aberdeen.)
  • Bradys Oysters Bumper Stickers (Johnny created all sayings but the “Shuck Me” version.)
  • Patti Wagon (Johnny created the name of this food truck in Everett Wa. when he was in grade school)
  • Sasquatch Summit: In only 3 years, Johnny has built the Sasquatch Summit brand to become the largest conference of its kind in the world.
Marketing: Johnny Manson has been in marketing for over 25 years. In addition to his radio experience, he has experience in TV, print, billboards and more.