Cancer: The Causes

It suprises me and then it doesnt in regards to cancer and our ignorance to its causes. We naively go through life as innocent victims about cancer when there are areas we seem to avoid entirely.

“Some cancers, we have no idea what casues them.” My question is this, do we know what’s in your “Sensei”, whats in your fabric softener, whats in your Doritos, your Taco Bell, your dishwashing liquid, your shampoo, your perfumes, etc. etc. etc.”?

Oh we assume everything that is marketed to us is safe. But wasnt it even 50 years ago, doctors used to say that cigarette smoking was HEALTHY? Add the greedy corporate level that has been caught on numerous occasions using hazardous materials, waste and other harmful ingredients in products that we use.

Does it suprise you? Do you realize that greed turns a blinds eye for profit? Do you realize that ignorance blocks any hope?

Do you really know how flouride came about? Where it comes from and before us, who used it and why?

Another question about flouride added to water systems, is why do I need my government concerned for my teeth? Why not my kidneys too? Are they going to add something to the water supply to fix my ailing liver since they seem so concerned about my well being? Why arent we given a right to opt out of flouride?

Sorry I strayed a bit, but it all leads back to the same culprit. So when we say “We dont know what causes some types of cancers.”,  I feel there should be an asterisk next to it with the disclaimer addressing our ignorance and laziness since we obviously dont care just how much radiation seeps from our cell phone that we mindlessly play Pokemon Go with.

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