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We have been hearing about people refusing service to others because of "beliefs". Most likely "religious beliefs". It got me to thinking (ouch).

May 1, 2015

I have noticed that there are some people asked to MC a parade that have absolutely no reason to be on a mic. Here are some tips to help you MC a parade if you get asked and your ego starts to cloud common sense.

The dictionary definition of a narcissist is a person who is self-centered, exhibiting extreme selfishness, has a grandiose view of his or her own talents, and craves recognition. All leaders need some narcissism just to survive the trip to the top. Self-  More...

I think so many people have issues with Hispanics because we are simply jealous. They are hard working, humble, religious, family-oriented people and that conflicts with our lazy selfish lifestyle.

I have met my share of really evil gold digging whores. Ones that should be committed for mental issues but continue sociopath behavior and sell coffee.