February 26, 2016

City Life: Acid Head


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Growing up in Everett was an honor. As I grew up, the city grew as well. Since mom worked at Jacks Restaurant in downtown Everett and dad and his Longshore buddies frequented the place (my dad did not drink), and my schools were within 5 miles of it (there was a time when lods walked places), I grew up in one of many reataurant/lounges.
One of the signatures of downtown Everett, was “Acid Head”. Acid Head was a tall scraggly transient looking fellow who just walked from one place to the next, shoulders slumped over and staring at the ground.
From what the whispers and rumors said, he was a lead singer in a band and one time, took too much acid and it “fried his brain”.
For years, I would see him almost like an prnament to downtown Everett, passing by every so often at the oddest times. “Oh look, there goes Acid Head”. He never spoke and nobody ever spoke to him.
Sometimes, typically of a Friday or Saturday night, he would air guitar acorss the street hollaring what could have been lyrics to his old bands songs, only to revert back to his slouchy slumbering walk as if nothing ever happened.
One time, as I was intoxicated roaming the streets amd he walked by, so I said “Hi.” ┬áHe rose his sulking head and looked at me, smiled and said “Hey”.
Thats the only time that I ever spoke to Acid Head or heard him speak…ever.

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