September 4, 2017

Dear Mr. Kim Jong Un


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Dear Mr. Kim Jong Un,

Sir, I write to you in the most humble and respectful manner. May I introduce myself. My name is John and I am a mere citizen of the United States Of America. It’s unfortunate that tension seem to exist between our two countries. At least, that’s what our media seems to tell us. I do not fully trust what our media tells us about things (especially global issues). This is ironic because I am employed in radio broadcasting. I also don’t trust those in positions of power from my country. This is due to the many events in the past that have been eventually exposed as “false flags”, secret and immoral activities and even coup d’é tat.

Please know that most of the citizens in America, are simple folks. We live day by day as we wake up and set out to provide for our loved ones. We lead simple lives. We go to work. We come home and we love our families.

We have some things in common. Not to long ago, you lost your father. I lost mine as well. Not to say it was traumatic for me, but it’s still painful. I’m sure your father was a great man and that you miss him as I miss my own. I’m also a basketball junky. I met Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, Larry Bird and a ton of other NBA stars when they came to Seattle some years back.

Know that most of us (Americans) do not wish to war with you or North Korea (or any country for that matter). We are not cowards, we are not afraid, we simply wish to live and let live. Most of us have no faith or confidence in our own government that’s shaded by greed, selfishness, paranoia and the constant need to keep their power. As you could see in our election debacle, we the people, have no say. The democratic party was even caught cheating and we still had no say.

Did you know that originally, United States politicians were everyday people. Farmers, inn-keepers, and the like? When they were called to take a political seat, they did so with a mindset of fulfilling their patriotic duty of serving the public, then went back to their normal career while the next citizen served. Now it seems that we are overrun with career politicians that say whatever you want to hear to get into that position of power and to retain that power.

I wish there were some way to peacefully resolve these issues between our countries. I feel it’s hypocritical for our own country to have as many nuclear weapons as we want, but then dictate to other countries that they cannot develop their own arsenal. Most of us here in America, wish they (nuclear weapons) were all gone. Nobody will win once even one is deployed. The ones provoking you will survive in their bomb shelters since they have probably known all along that they would need them. Those of us that wish to live and let live are the ones who will be done for.

The typical U.S. citizen is on the outside looking in at what our “leaders” do and say to other nations and what they do and say does not truly represent what WE want to do and say. We would say “we don’t want to fight, we just want to live and let you live how you would like.” We have no business sticking our noses in others affairs so our country will be in a better “position politically”. That’s truly not us. Those are the motivations of some career politicians and their wickedness.

Another thing I have noticed is with our government, there always has to be a “bad guy”. We always seem to find a “threat”. Or at least that’s what we are told. Have you noticed that? I think some of our citizens are starting to think that maybe it’s us, who are the bad guys. We sure act bullies and bad guys to other countries.

Some say that once a civilization becomes technologically advanced, they destroy themselves. I sure hope that’s wrong because this is a great planet once you get the people that only care about their profits out of the way.

I could go on for hours but I do not wish to bore you or agitate you any further than our “fearless leaders” have.

Know that we do respect you and your country.

Peace & Blessings

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