June 7, 2016

How The WWE (Or Anybody) Can Save Pro Wrestling


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Ok, so Vince ruined kayfabe, distorted the definition of “pro wrestling” and relabeled it “Sports Entertainment”. Before I start, I must ask you a few things. Whats the definition if “sports”? When you go watch basketball, do you say “were going to go watch sports.”? No, you say “Were going to go watch basketball.” The term “sports entertainment” should include basketball, football, soccer, etc. because collectively, they are “sports”. Sports Entertainment isnt a correct term for what he offers because Vince does not offer anything besides “wrestling” with really crappy storylines.
Anyway, there is hope. 1 of 2 things needs to happen in order to salvage whats left of pro wrestling.
  1. WWE does a brand split but instead of the dogmatic McMahon “brand names” which he seems he needs to shove down our throats, he brings back WCW. In doing so, he will do something that hasnt been done in years. Make people happy. But it doesnt stop there. He needs to bring back the “product” of WCW. Everything from the different talent to the different camera angles. He would like us to think that WCW failed because WWF “beat” them. Thats not what happened. The corporate bullshit at Time/Warner and the suits that had no business being involved in WCW did. You will find that Vinces dirt cheap price he paid for WCW over the millions more Bischoffs investors had offered quite odd. But then again, Vince did many an underhanded business deal.
  2. The only other way to save whats left is to re establish the territories. Having the territory system gave wrestlers the purist way to learn the business, pay dues and respect the business. When you learned in your area, you were sent elsewhere to learn more. And the veterans you wrestled and/or encountered would hopefully teach you more as long as you were humble and respected the business. I would totally marry the idea of starting a wrestling terrirtory here in Washington State if we needed one. I believe Portland Wrestling is still in business. If not the original, a rehashed brand.
With both of those, you will need to bring back the likes of Jim Cornette, Kevin Sullivan, Dustin Rhodes, Ric Flair, Animal, DeBiase and the countless others that are still around and remember the business, respect the business and have a wealth of knowledge to teach the up and comers. Now, I dont mean for those mentioned to be in action, but as trainers, bookers and the other areas where its lacking now.
I believe kayfabe could be re established. We Americans forget easily (just look at politics) and i think within 10 or 20 years, we could have the pro wrestling that a majority never wanted to lose.