August 22, 2014

How To Have A Bigfoot Interaction


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I was very hesitant to even post this but I got to thinking. If peoples interest in having an interaction with bigfoots goes deep enough, I would rather they follow these simple guidelines as they are proven effective instead of running around the woods possibly harming themselves or others. I am in no way a “professional” in bigfoot research. There is no such thing. But I have seen many different methods and techniques used in research with various results. Here is what I have found:

I am going to go deep on you for a minute and have you ask yourself, why do you want to see/experience a bigfoot/Sasquatch? Is it to hide a camera and take a picture or get video of the elusive creature so you will be famous for proving it to the world? I will tell you, others have taken pics and video that were NOT hoaxes and have gotten nothing but ridicule. If you read my past post “Bigfoot, what we DO know”, you will learn a few things. Not to say I dont have a lot to learn myself. I know Im pretty clueless. Now on to what I have learned:

Go out in the woods. The more you go the more likely you are to have some action. The deeper in the woods, the better but PLEASE use your noggin (if you have intellect). Prepare and always let someone know where you are going. Do not bring guns. Bigfoots know what guns are and though they are not afraid of a human with a gun, they know a frightened human with a gun is unpredictable and the most feared thing on earth.

Do not bring cameras/vdeo. These arent dumb giant apes. For whatever reason, they do not like them. I have countless reports of high activity areas and once a trail cam is mounted or any other recording device, they stop coming around. This happens all of the time all over the research world. You will not trick a bigfoot. Many people a lot smarter than you have tried and all failed.

Staying overnight in the woods is your best bet. Find a spot that doesnt have a lot of hiker/hunter traffic. Try to avoid camp sites and other areas where there are people. Bigfoots dont like people and try to stay away from large groups. Know that when youre in the woods, youre probably being watched. If you are with bigfoots, know that they own you. There is little a person can do in the presence of a full grown North American Sasquatch. Dont get freaked. They simply observe. It seems like bigfoots know each persons intentions. There have been people who have “hunted” bigfoots for 30+ years and have never seen or heard one ever. My first trip found me surrounded by 10 of them. Talk about unnerving.

Camp and have fun. Establish your camping peremeter. Dictate your 12 o clock position, 3 o clock, etc. This will come in handy later. Dont act like you are looking for bigfoots. Sure, look around. For tracks, tree snaps (usually at the 10 foot heigth level), tree bends, etc. But dont make it obvious. Outside your camping perimeter, pick a spot to leave some food. Organic fruits amd vegetables, non processed foods. Bigfoots love sweets. If you really want to try to make friends, leave out a case of apples instead of 1 or 2. Leaving just 1 is like eating a crumb of your favorite snack. Remember, just because they dont take anything on the first night, dont get frustrated. Ill explain later.

Bigfoots like kids. We speculate that its because they know their innocence since they have children themselves. Countless reports have stated that bigfoots were seen observing children playing. These reports range from adults seeing them do this to kids witnessing this. There have also been numerous reports of lost kids in the woods being led back to camp by bigfoots. Many.

At night, sit in a circle (like around a fire) but try to avoid building a fire. Sit in the dark. You are more likely to have them come in closer with no lights. Late night, you will start to hear more things. If youre interesting to them, they may stick around and observe you. laugh, joke, play, be interesting and non threatening. If you hear or see something, dont move and especially dont point. Simply remain calm and say “I saw something at the 11 o clock position” or simply “11 o clock”. NEVER chase after them. You will not only run off your guest (actually you are their guest), but you will have ruined any chances of future activity.

You CAN however TALK to them from your sitting position. Let them know that you know they are there. Let them know that you left food and gifts for them. Thank them for allowing you into their home. Be an appreciative guest. When they see that you are not afraid, they are more comfortable. This can lead to some very exciting interactions.

Do a lot of listening. You will hear them whisper, talk, samarai chatter, run and walk. When they are comfortable with your presence, you will hear them running and it shakes the ground. Almost like they dont care that you hear them.

Do NOT shine flashlights or illuminating devices in the woods. They dont like it and its really not polite. This could make them leave and never come back.

Play music, bring a guitar, sing, drum, they like music. The next morning, look around for tracks and other activity. But try to be inconspicuous. You are still being watched.

Be consistant and predictable.

Go to the same spot each time you go out. The more the better but do the same things. Wear the same clothes, drive the same vehicle when you go out. You are habituating and when you are predictable, you become less of a threat. When they know that you wont do something stupid, they are more likely to interact more.

Keep in mind, these methods have worked for many many people. Im not saying that they will work for you nor immediatley but you have a head start. With some, these methods took 3 years to get activity back. Some people use the aggresive techniques and get no where. Some try the trickery and get no where. Its always on the bigfoots terms and once you think you have them figured out, they change it up on you.