Jed – Saint Betraidus

The guys in Jed asked me to lay some turntable tracks down for a new album they were doing in Brian Smiths studio so I met the guys at the studio at 9AM with 40oz Old E’s and my technics and ripped it down for them.

It was fun to get to travel with the guys and jam out with them. I was such a big fan of theirs. It probably would have lasted longer had I not been a such a drinker. Plus I dont think the singer liked it when I suggested a vocal coach. It wasn’t a personal attack on his talents. He was very talented and unique. It was professional advice. I take my musical achievements very seriously. Even Steven Tyler has a vocal coach. Ive been reading and writing music since I was in 5th grade and have performed in more venues than I care to remember with more instruments than I CAN remember.

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