September 5, 2015

Marketing: A Signature


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When marketing, you should need to know your mission statement. How is your business defined? What do you do? What do you offer? What is the goal of your business services? With that, lets come up with a signature for your company. Whats a signature you ask? A signature is something unique that identifies with your company.

Example: the “Bloomin Onion” which is a signature appetizer at the Outback Steakhouse. They did so well with it that other places copy it though they cannot legally call it a Bloomin Onion since they own the trademark. Another example would be the”Big Mac”. This of coarse is a staple siganture hamburger of McDonalds. Sure, any place can make one but its not a “Big Mac” and it doesnt taste the same either. How about non-food related. Heres one: Mickey Mouse. He is in fact a signature chatacter for Disney and everyone can identify Mickey Mouse as the main Disney character no matter how many others they spew out. So for your siganture, whether its in hospitality or hardware, it should be unique to your own brand and company. You should not copy another companies signature even if you “change it a little” (remember my past article on Branding: Dont fit it, stand out?) you are just blending in with everyone else.

A signature will be effective for any business if you apply it correctly. Hardware? Sure. Look up manufacturers and find a unique hammer. One that is a new cutting egde type. Order a case and have the manufacturer put your logo on them and give them a snazzy name. You now are the only hardware business with these sleek new hammers that nobody else has. Maybe you already have a signature and dont realize it. Times have changed forever and “building a brand” is what companies spend millions of dollars paying agencies to do. Creating a signature for your own company will help with your identity and seperate you from the rest.