March 15, 2016

ModX – Simply For The Hardcore


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Ive been on a computer since 1980. Ive been online since the mid 80’s before it was called the “internet. Anybody remember QuantumLink?

Ive been developing for the web since about 90 and it keeps going and going.

Nowadays, a bored housewife will stumble on a wordpress template or some flashy software that does all of the work and calls themselves a “webmaster” or “web developer”. But has no idea how it works, how to keep it secure or how to change anything for the client. It’s these hobbyists that give TRUE web devrs a bad name plus help ruin the industry.

For those of you who are REAL designers and developers, might I recommend ModX.

This framework is a borderline portal but its not. It allows you to take any xhtml/css and utilize powers you didnt know possible.

Using snippets, chunks & plugins, you can literLly do anything you want. Give it a whirl.

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