September 19, 2012

Food Service: Cheap Food Night – For The Cheapskates


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Just think. Youre at work. You work hard. And every Thursday, you must prepare mentally and physically for “Cheapskate Thursday”. Why? Well, for one, with cheap food comes cheap PEOPLE. These people demand everything for the $5 dinner they come for. Add to that, they only order water (because it’s usually free), they run you ragged asking for a single commodity with every trip, “Can you bring me some A-1….Can you bring me some hot sauce…..can you bring me….”. You do everything to make sure they have a great experience. And then….they leave you a $1 tip.

This post is for you. Your pain is felt. Being a former employee in hospitality, I understand. You dread those people. Not the fact that they are frugal, but that they are cheap and show no appreciation. They are rude and do not see that they are….assholes. They take up valuable table space that could be used to seat people who KNOW how to tip or at least aren’t jerkwads.

Personally, I was raised in restaurants. From 5 years old, I grew up in hospitality and worked in every position. Those tips that my mom worked her ass off for, bought me school clothes. So when I tip, if I have it, I give it. But hey, some times your short. Times are tough right? But some of those same “frugal” people seem to over indulge in everything but gratuities and gratitude. I will let you figure that one out.