Ever Notice How Everyone Is A “Pro”?

Have you ever encountered folks who are suddenly professional at whatever topic is at hand? They are pro web designers since they took an html class back in 1986. They are professional marketers and have all of the answers on trends and branding. They are DJ's because they can point and click a file. They are IT professionals because they can now spell "computer". As humans, we're pretty bad at judging our own abilities. From exercising to our sense of [...]

Kathleen Kennedy Is A Moron

Kathleen Kennedy Has Destroyed The Lucas Vision & Star Wars

When I heard Disney was buying the Star Wars franchise, I was hopeful. I understood that the Disney machine would take advantage of their marketing and brainwashing power to slap a star wars logo on even more things than George did. And he was the originator god father. He knew his brand and knew its value. All of the others followed his lead. I had hoped that Disney would cherish the foundation established by a movie released when I was [...]


5 Reasons NOT To Use Facebook As Your Company Website

International Companies. Regional Musicians. Your local bakery. They all have a presence on the social media giant that is Facebook – and rightly so. Facebook is an essential part of any business’ online marketing toolkit. But it’s NOT a website! Or, more precisely: it’s not YOUR website. Businesses have and will continue to lean on social media for online marketing, but is it a good idea to throw the traditional dot com website out the window? No. And here are some reasons as [...]