February 10, 2016

Overall NextRadio Listening Rose 334% from 2014-15


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The 2015 NextRadio numbers reveal growth in downloads, listening, viewing and interactions for the NextRadio app. Between the growing usage among those capable of experiencing NextRadio and the increasing demand from those who wish they could experience NextRadio, it’s clear that consumers want, use and enjoy free FM radio on their smartphones.

NextRadio’s Usage & Behavior Stats in 2015 vs. 2014:

  • Average Session Length in app increased by 25%. The average app session length is 57 minutes compared to the average entertainment app session of 13 minutes 20 seconds.
  • Views of the Now Playing Screen increased by 1153%. Screen visuals align with the live radio program at an individual radio station and shows song playing on-air, air talent/program information, upcoming album releases, upcoming concerts with the ability to purchase event tickets and more.
  • Interactions with Station content increased by 1161%. The views and interactions data are clear indicators that behavior is changing and consumers are experiencing FM radio in a whole new way. With the projected 70M+ capable devices projected to join the market this year, NextRadio is poised for even more growth in 2016.