April 14, 2016

Political Threats: Trump


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I have many questions. My first question is this: If you will disregard our laws to illegaly enter our country, what other laws will you break to accomidate you?

What does Canada do at their borders that makes this entire arguement moot? Shouldnt we be saying “build a wall at the Canadian and Mexican borders.”? Why is it not an issue up north? Because Canadians have it better and you have to pay to move there.

How can people make threats if a political candidate is doing well? Isnt that an act of terrorism?

The way it looks is this, “I throw tantrums when I dont get my way so I better throw one here now too.”

If the American people are speaking and saying that they want Trump, who are you too throw idle threats other than some babies who cant stand not getting your way?


I would say this for any candidate receieving such sophmoric and juvinile threats

Babies, or bought and paid for political mules who may see the corrupt system fall apart.

Our country is so screwed and its because of the dishonest no-value people elected into office.

Who is to blame? The politicians for having no morals or the lazy voter who doesnt actually research the person they put into power?

Republicans/Democrats? Why do I have to be one or the other? Why cant i simply be human with a value system? Why does a candidate have to choose? Cant they simply vote for whats right and not for whats wrong?

Making threats because YOUR candidate may lose is domestic
terrorism attempting to disrupt what the American people want.

Please go drown yourselves.