November 20, 2016

Protesting Trump Presidency: That Will Help America


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I realize that those with under developed brains do not have the capabilities to completely think properly. Its scientific fact that the human brain isnt fully developed until at LEAST in its 30s. My own may have taken even longer.

Its common for children to throw tantrums when they dont get their way. In my opinion, it has to do with their upbringing or lack thereof. Many parents dont teach their kids the word “no” and actually enforce it.

So to see “protests” about our presidential election almost seems inevitable considering the poor parenting that goes on in this day and age. “Safe spaces” for “”micro aggressions” will hopefully not last long.

And hopefully pouty kids who dont get their way wont either. Granted, I always questions the electoral collage system. I was told that our founding fathers didnt trust the general public so they set it up that way. What does that say about them? What does that say about us?

To read articles by the dishonest press talk about Democrats will block the next president in whatever he wants to do is counter productive and anti American in a way. Just because I may not agree with the boss, he IS the boss and has a direction. There is a process to have your voice heard but being stubborn and childish means you should stand with your nose in the corner. Garbage in garbage out.

Sure voice your displeasure in ways that are productive. Not time wasting and counter productive.

But then again, our country was birthed from lies, murder, stealing and what would now be considered criminal offenses…but we dont talk about that nor the prosecution of those responsible, do we?

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