October 3, 2016

The Biggest Threat to Humankind: Humans


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I had a real problem titling this post. I started out with a series of “Public Enemy #_: ____________” from 1 to however many. For example: “Public Enemy #1: Political Corruption”. But after many weeks of reflection, reviewing, insights and general thinking, it all boils down to ONE thing. Greed.
If you look at every issue, every problem, it all boils down to human greed. For example: Scientists stating that the planets oxygen is depleting and they don’t know why is a lie. We all know why. How do we get oxygen? Plants and trees. Well, when you cut down trees, destroy habitat, that takes away the thing that gives us oxygen. Why do we do it? Greed. Why do they lie about it? Greed. Those scientists are paid off by the same special interest groups that buy off our political machine.
Just last week, it came out that people were paid off to NOT publicize the relationship between sugar and cancer but put the emphasis on fat content instead. Why? Those who released such information were paid off for 30 years. Why? Greed. Will there be repercussions? No. Why? Greed.
The destruction of the American family is typically destroyed because of infidelity. Why? Greed. How? Well, the one who is cheating wants whatever gratification they are getting from said affair. That’s greed. Duh.
Corporate corruption. Greed. They want things their way. How is that not greed? One could say “its for the greater good of all.” But when you really look into it, even the most “noble” intentions are selfish. THEY want to feel better about themselves. THEY know what’s best for everyone else. Greed. Ever ask a grand parent why they spoil their grand kids? “Because it makes them happy.” No, its because of the feeling THEY get when they see their grand child happy. “Because it makes me feel good to see them happy”. That’s greed.
Greed fuels every possible problem that we face today and probably every problem in the past. Slavery. Greed. Murder. Greed. War. Greed. Riots in Wal-Mart on black Friday. Total greed. Traffic congestion might be a combination of stupidity AND greed. Those that cause it typically want to be first while the other involved is either an innocent bystander or just as greedy wanting their way.
Hoarding. Most of us hoard without even realizing it. How many TV’s do you have? Why do you need 3? Isn’t 1 enough? No because you need one in each bedroom. That’s greed.
Overpopulation. Greed. “I want to have 9 children“. People disregard the impact having as many kids as they want. The cold hard truth is that it’s an environmental disaster. Someone’s personal ambition to have that many kids is selfish…oops. There greed again.
I’ve come to realize the shameful and sad truth. We as humans are good at 2 things. Over consumption and waste. Why? Greed. Have you looked in your garbage lately? Do you see what you throw away? Besides the food waste that is so ridiculous, just look at how we throw things out. Bury it in the earth. Wow. That’s genius. Now I don’t want to come across as a “tree hugger” or overall environmentalist. I’m a humanist. I’m all for the advancement for human minds. But not at the expense of the single thing that makes it possible.
We are like locusts but actually locusts are at least somewhat environmentally friendly. We go through an area, totally ruin it by consuming every natural resource leaving behind a flood of garbage and waste from our warpath. We are more like cancer. Suck the life out of every healthy cell and spread our disease until the only thing we really have (earth) is dead.
So while you think about this presidential chaos and the friendships it has destroyed because people are greedy and want THEIR way and will sever relationships because of that greed (the “I am right and YOU are wrong and since you don’t feel the same way I do, we cannot be friends”), divide and conquer remains.
I could be wrong in my assumption that every threat we face today has to do with our own greed. But the proof is very compelling to say the least.



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