May 12, 2014

The Difference Between A Manager & An Effective Manager


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Over our careers, we have worked under many managers good and bad. Some of us may have been managers. Some good and bad. Most, if not all bad managers, have no clue that they are indeed, BAD MANAGERS. I have found the most effective managers surround themselves with the most talented staff that they can find. A decent manager can maintain operations but a GREAT manager gives each staff member the different tools and opportunities to excel, grow, learn and utilize their strengths while strengthening their weaknesses.

Another trait of a great and effective manager is that they do not feel threatened by those who have drive and ambition. They will harness that energy and drive, then help them focus in the areas they know will best benefit the company and the staff member. This is where experience is important. An inexperienced manager may not know how to motivate staff and encourage them to better themselves. It takes experience to know how to utilize and empower each employee to the highest of their potential.

Being able to shelve your own ego and insecurities is typically the first stumbling block as a manager. A good manager maintains. A great manager provides intensives to excel and perform beyond expectations. It’s important to provide positive and constructive feedback. A recent employee study showed that recognition was often a more motivator than money.

Another difference between mediocre management and excellent management is empowering your team and standing by their decisions. You have placed them in a managerial position for a reason and micromanagement is more damaging to a company than lack of performance.