June 25, 2016

The Thought Process Of Mediocre People


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When I am out and about, just like you, I have to deal with the same in-the-way people who wont amount to much more than being in the way on the freeway. See Bill Burrs comedy routine.
So as a parent, I feel obligated to go to the dance recitals that seem to me, to be more important to the overbearing parents. You know the type, they are the ones pushing and shoving on Black Friday in order to get that last Elmo Doll for their little snowflake. Poor kids. They will be taught that this type of behavior is acceptable.
imageAt these functions, you have brainiacs taking up seats with flowers or jackets to “save” them but when its showtime, nobody seems to be there. So I refuse to have a battle of the wits with unarmed people and opt to stand against the wall. Im out of the way and I get some type of non-sitting “excercise”.
So there I am, noticing all of the “saved” seats with nobody in them, watching the show and some ogygen waster stands dead center of the isle, blocking my view and forcing people walking through to have to go around them. The sad thing is they are oblivious.
I feel an obligation to watch other brats in addition to my own brats out of respect. So after my 3 year old is done and comes out, she has to potty. So I leave my mom at our wall only to come back and have some mass breeder jack my spot. So my moms looking at me like “who is this idiot?” while having her view blocked by the same clueless chode who has no idea that his lack of courtesy often goes un-noticed because so many of our society never learned manners. I could only tell her the thought process of the in-the-way people isn’t like those who actually contribute more to society than reproducing a disfunctional bloodline.
And to add insult to injury, the big ball-o-intellegence standing in our way was too busy looking like an idiot to watch his own kid who pulled the fire alarm which put a halt on the entire program.  Way to go.