July 15, 2016

Whose Life Matters?


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I can appreciate the #blacklivesmatter movement. NWA preached the same message back in the 80’s. But we need to look at the facts and statistics in this message. Not to discredit it, but to get to the truth:

A compilation of those killed by law enforcement in December – 92 people in total – was composed by National Review’s Celina Durgin. Discovered by Durgin is that in all but one of these killings, evidence based on witness and/or police reports indicate some degree of threat presented to the officers involved or others.

Of the 92 killed by police in December, 86 were male. Why hasn’t this been brought up? Where is the #MaleLivesMatter movement? A comprehensive analysis by The Washington Post of fatal shootings carried out by police in 2015, 87.5% of those killed were armed with a gun or other weapon. Of 965 total fatal shootings: 564 were armed with a gun, 281 were armed with some other weapon, and 90 were unarmed.

While the left-wing newspaper attempts to highlight racial disparities within the statistics – noting that while black men compose 4% of the national population, they accounted for 40% of unarmed persons killed by police – it makes no mention of disproportionate criminality between racial groups.

Nationally, more white people are killed by police. Of all of those hurt or killed by police, those “suspects” were attempting to harm or kill those officers. So why isn’t this mentioned?

Ben Shapiro had an open debate about the topic and points out: “I’m offended by the uprising of black people breaking into other black people’s stores and looting them,” said Shapiro. “This is a lack of values. People who are destroying private property, destroying cop cars in an uprising against what exactly? Against the black police chief? Against a mostly minority police force? Against the black mayor? Against the black president? Against the black attorney general? Against a city council that nine of 15 are black and all elected Democrats? What is the uprising against? What is it seeking to achieve?”

Hear the facts, because they dont care about your feelings….

Personally, I dont care what you look like. I care about how you treat me.