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My Crappy TH3D Studio Experience

Im a 3D printing enthusiast with a passion for cosplay armor like Boba Fett, Storm Troopers, etc. And with most 3D printers, they break or parts need replaced. I had always seen TH3D Studio and while they tout quality products, (I would hope they all had “quality products” just because they said so) and they […]

Tattoos Were Cool Until You Got One

Tattoos used to be cool. Worn by outlaws, rebels, a lone wolf and all around bad asses. Then you got one and now every non contributing zero got one of their kids initials, an old video game or some other symbol of mediocrity. “Getting a tattoo has lost its edge. How can the rebellious kids […]

Coaching Grade School Basketball

There was a time when schools handled their sports and some how I got involved with grade school basketball. Actually, my son went to St. Marys and when they needed a coach, I volunteered. I ended up coaching for about 8 years there and a few years for other schools like Stevens & McDermott. Before […]

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