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Kathleen Kennedy Has Destroyed The Lucas Vision & Star Wars

When I heard Disney was buying the Star Wars franchise, I was hopeful. I understood that the Disney machine would take advantage of their marketing and brainwashing power to slap a star wars logo on even more things than George did. And he was the originator god father. He knew his brand and knew its […]

Interview of Russian President Putin Megan Kelly

I think this is an interesting interview with Russian President Putin. Most of the time, I see him pretty much saying “If the US is allowed to behave this way, we should be allowed to as well.” In this interview, you will see Megan use the typical US media tactics and it appears the Russian […]

10 reasons Baby Boomers are the worst generation

(Language warning:) Gen-Xer Gavin McInnes calls Baby Boomers “the worst generation.” Ironically, his parents, who are also Boomers, hate their own cohort and passed this along to Gavin – who passes it along to you!

The Decline of the Average Human I.Q.

Brendan Baker Professor Girswald. Sociology 110 The larger the human population grows, the average human I. Q seems to drop. Now how is this possible? Studies show that since the nineteen fifties the average I. Q has dropped a total of three points. This is alarming and confusing at the same time. How with all […]