Johnny Manson

slide2Johnny Manson is a musician turned radio air personality. .

He moved to Aberdeen around 1990 and quickly became disliked because of his passion for rap music. After promoting rap music in the area by booking Grays Harbors first rap shows, his own group quickly became a hot commodity consisting of John Bailey, Damian Wright and others

Before getting established in radio

He paid his bills washing dishes and cooking in restaurants becoming the head cook at the SeaStar in Grayland, working in Furfords Machine Shop building cranberry pickers, warehouse work in cranberry bogs, Twin Harbor State Park and more.

Being one of the areas only turntable disk jockeys, his friends talked him into applying for a DJ job at Sidneys Sports Bar & Lounge; the only decent nightclub at the time. After working as their senior music programmer, co-bar manager & head of security over an 8 year tenure, he got noticed by a group of radio managers whom offered him a part-time job. Johnny Manson then got bit by the radio bugĀ and the rest is history.

Today, he finds himself at home on 105 7 The Jet (KJET FM Aberdeen) a part of the Jodesha Broadcasting family. There, he is allowed to flourish and grow playing Todays Best Hits. His Powermix at 6 and features like the Stupid People Report are often imitated but never quite duplicated.

Champagne And Candy Canes broke his heart

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