The commentary featured on KBKW happened by accident. I witnessed some things one day and felt like recording what I was feeling and thinking. I played it for Doug McDowell and he thought it was worthy of air play and asked if I could do it every week. The rest is history.

The point of each commentary isn’t that I’m right (which I usually am ha ha) but the point is that these things are being discussed. Nobody seems to want to talk about a lot of this stuff. Why? Are we too self absorbed to think about other things outside of our own personal space? Do we not care enough to at least TALK about things happening around us?

They say “talk is cheap” or “actions speak louder than words” but I hear nobody talking and I see nobody acting. So if others are too afraid to, too bored to, too unambitious, then why don’t I start…

And always, if you have feedback, opinions, input, theories, suggestions, enlightenment, etc., use the contact form and let’s hear what you have to say.