My Crappy TH3D Studio Experience

Im a 3D printing enthusiast with a passion for cosplay armor like Boba Fett, Storm Troopers, etc. And with most 3D printers, they break or parts need replaced. I had always seen TH3D Studio and while they tout quality products, (I would hope they all had “quality products” just because they said so) and they are always more expensive than any company on amazon. Plus YOU have to pay for shipping.

So I figured I would give them a try and so I ordered a few things. While I filled out my shipping info, I used the “autofill” and didnt notice it only filled in the number and not the street. I noticed after I hit send. Oops. My bad right? So I see it allows you to change things so I changed and fixed my address. Then, I emailed the company to let them know of my mistake so they see first thing in the morning.

Well, they ignored my email, plus ignored my address update and sent it to just a number. Must be automated or REALLY bad Quality Control.

So Im wondering whats taking so long and they said the address was wrong and that I could pay for shipping AGAIN. I wasn’t happy and cancelled my order. They “waived” the 5% cancellation fee out of compassion apparently. Even though I changed my address immediately and even emailed them to tell them of my error they couldnt perform basic common sense. But since they are either incompetent or completely automated, they lost a customer 4 life. And with as many printers I have, Amazon comes out the winner AGAIN.

TH3D Cons:

You pay for shipping

Higher priced products

Takes longer

Very Poor QC

TH3D Pros

“Quality products” like every company says.

This is why Amazon has become the powerhouse it is. Everybody thinks just because they can build a 3D printer that they can run a business without knowing anything about business. Just because you can cook a steak, doesnt mean you have any business opening a restaurant.

So, make sure your address is right. And if its not, changing it right away and emailing them to let them know will fall on deaf ears. More millennial bullshit.

But I offer solutions dear friend. I have ordered parts from these shippers with a great experience and lower prices, you dont pay for shipping and I bet, they understand customer service.

Creality 3D Printing



HIC Technology




So the point isn’t that I didnt get my items. The point is the steps I took after seeing my error, which I saw immediately, and the steps I took to notify them and still they couldnt get it right. Incompetence when I held their hand. Then continued to blame me. Unacceptable for business.

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