Welcome To America – Home Of Liars and Cheaters…& No Consequences

My father was a Vietnam Veteran who died from complications from the war. He was a great man with values. Something that has died off along with the heritage of instilled values.

These are just recent/semi-recent instances that Im sure will have more added as memory recalls. Also, I have left out the people that I know that have lied to me to benefit themselves….

DNC – Democrats: Email Scandal – Result = nothing but major media avoiding coverage (hmmm?)

Hillary Clinton: Benghazi & email server scandal – Result = nothing

Brock Lesnar: Steroids – Result = nothing

New England Patriots: Deflate gate – Result = slap on wrist

Lance Armstrong: Steroids – Result = stern talking to

Hillary Clinton: “under fire in Iraq” (actually there are documented lies dating back to before Billys presidency) – Result = nothing

Brian Williams: Iraq helicopter incident – Result = temporary suspension

New England Patriots: Opponent eavesdropping – Result = nothing

Bill Clinton: Lying under oath about Lewinski affair – Result = nothing

Just goes to show, that in American, you can lie, cheat and steal and there are no consequences.

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